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SEADUC™ Suction Easy™ with SSCOR DuCanto Catheter®
SEADUC Entrance to Airway

SEADUC™ Suction Easy™ with SSCOR DuCanto Catheter®

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The first and only completely hand held manual suction device with the capability to perform the SALAD technique.

Affordable, effective and simple to use, SEADUC™ provides instant readiness for resuscitation.

The combination of the Suction Easy™ unit and SSCOR DuCanto Catheter® is intended to enable the performance of the SALAD technique with a disposable emergency suction unit, and indeed, represent the only option currently available to perform the SALAD technique without a battery operated suction unit, or the central suction system of a ambulance or hospital. SEADUC effectively removes vomit, blood and other materials, while the practitioner manages the patient’s airway with basic or advanced life support procedures, such as an oral airway, or tracheal intubation.

  • Instant Availability - There’s no need to worry about batteries or electricity. Immediately ready for use upon removal from its packaging with assembly to the included SSCOR DuCanto Catheter®.
  • Powerful -Suction vacuum and large diameter catheter rapidly and completely open the upper airway. Approximately 100 mmHg + vacuum of suction.
  • Fits All Hand Sizes - Ease of grip and compression regardless of hand size or strength.
  • Adequate Fluid Capacity - Total fluid capacity is in excess of 1,000 cc. 
  • Disposable - No parts to inventory, lose or replace and no cleaning.
  • Compact Design - Allows inclusion in EMS equipment bags such as airway management packs, pouches, tactical kits, bicycle saddle bags, crash cart drawers, and stand-alone public access defibrillator cases.
  • Rugged - Stuff in kits and even drive over with the ambulance and the unit will still perform.
  • Lightweight and rounded surfaces - At less than a pound, minimal load is added and it is safe to use in moving vehicles, aircraft and spacecraft. 
  • Handles a wide temperature range from -40°F to 140°F.
The SEADUC system is a pairing of the Suction Easy™ Disposable Emergency Suction Unit and the SSCOR DuCanto Catheter®, an anatomically shaped large bore suction catheter intended for prehospital, emergency medicine, critical care and anesthesiology use.

The SALAD technique is a method of partnering the ability of a large bore rigid suction catheter (SSCOR DuCanto Catheter®) to simultaneously decontaminate a soiled upper airway while assisting the performance of basic and advanced life support airway maneuvers (BLS and ALS airway maneuvers), such as placement of oropharyngeal airway, supraglottic/extraglottic airway, or laryngoscopy. ‘SALAD’ is an acronym for “Suction- Assisted Laryngoscopy (with simultaneous) Airway Decontamination,” which describes the cooperative use of the rigid plastic suction catheter to assist simultaneous airway decontamination with BLS and ALS airway maneuvers. 

Suction Easy™ with the SSCOR DuCanto Catheter® provide the ability for emergency airway care virtually anywhere a patient may require resuscitation. 

About The SSCOR DuCanto Catheter®

The SSCOR DuCanto Catheter® is a new catheter that is unlike traditional Yankauer suction tips that are designed for controlled surgical settings.The SSCOR DuCanto Catheter® was developed with both routine and emergency airway management in mind. It has a larger internal diameter making it significantly less likely to clog and is shaped to t the oropharyngeal anatomy. The hyper curved catheter is shaped more like a patient’s airway making it easy to position the catheter.

  • Shaft diameter: .26” x .55” (6.6mm x 13.9mm) 
  • Shaft length: 9.3” (236.22mm)

SEADUC also allows airway decontamination of the tracheal tube by simply removing the SSCOR DuCanto Catheter® and connecting to the tracheal tube suction catheter.

The inventor of the SEADUC combination is also the innovator that brought the SALAD technique, the Nasco Life/form® S.A.L.A.D. simulator as well as the SSCOR DuCanto Catheter® to the medical marketplace in 2016.      Dr. James “Jim” DuCanto, M.D. is an Anesthesiologist in private practice for the past 22 years in Wisconsin who is, for lack of a better description, obsessed with airway management innovation and teaching, as well as integrative holistic medicine. Jim runs the Anesthesiology clerkship for medical students and residents at the Advocate-Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as well as a small simulation center at that facility. 

SSCOR DuCanto Catheter® is a trademark of SSCOR Inc. SEADUC™ is a trademark of EM Innovations, Inc.

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Learn about the SALAD Technique:

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