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Safe Medication Preparation

Posted by Spencer Fullerton on 2/22/2016
Safe Medication Preparation

The inside of a hospital pharmacy is a much busier place than one can imagine.  You have the receiving of medications and supplies, labeling, the stocking of shelves , extemporaneous medication packaging, sterile compounding of medications, STAT med orders, patient specific needs, security of controlled substances, replenishment schedules and much more. All of these responsibilities involve personnel and introduce areas of interruption and potential for medication errors.

Communication and good processes become very important for safe medication preparation. Ideas are to create no interruption zones, medication segregation for pharmacist double checks, and clean and organized areas for medication preparation and processing.

EM Innovations is happy to help pharmacists with the safe medication preparation process.

Our Safe Zone Med Prep and Process Tray is a durable, bright red metal tray that can be used in various ways to prevent interruptions and incorporate double checks as well as a surface for sterile med prep and mixing done outside of the pharmacy.