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Patient Safety with IV Line and Cable Management

Posted by Spencer on 5/29/2015

IV Lines Organized

Are you tired of fighting a mess of IV lines and cables at the patient’s bedside?

IV lines can be both a frustrating and dangerous issue when they become tangled and mixed together. Not only do you waste time tracing where the line is going you run the risk of a misconnection, working with the wrong line, pinching the line, and worse of all a patient safety concern. Lines are dragging the floor or other surfaces and the risk of contamination that leads to infections greatly increases.

In addition to IV lines what do you do with all the cables and wires at the patient’s bedside and coming from the IV pole? These dangling cables and wires run the risk of being contaminated as well and can easily be damaged or unplugged. With the increased usage of patients using their phones and tablets at the bedside it can be quite frustrating for the nurse call button to be pushed because a charging cord dropped to the floor or was tangled together.

What has been done to prevent these frustrations? The most common fix has been to use medical tape. Lines taped to the pole, taped to the bedrail and other surfaces. This creates another set of problems and frustrations. What happens when you try to remove tape? A sticky and messy residue is left behind which becomes a host for a healthcare acquired infection.

What is the solution? A little organization for IV lines and cables can greatly increase patient safety and prevent healthcare personnel frustration. Take a look at our IV Line and Cable Holder. This simple holder just might be what you’ve been searching for your IV line management on IV poles and bedrails and infection control and patient safety needs.