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EMS Supply Room Organization

Posted by Administrator on 5/8/2013

Everyone has heard the question: Where are the ____________?  After minutes of searching you either give up or borrow from another area.  This obviously is not best practice and leads to frustration, inefficiency, errors and costs money. 


A well-organized supply room helps eliminate these issues and allows EMS personnel to quickly and easily locate appropriate supplies.  In the end you have happy medics because they can locate supplies when needed, a happy EMS coordinator because they can accurately account for inventory and expense, and happy administration because money is not being wasted on expedited shipments and the station is operating smooth and safe.


Tips for organizing your medical supply room:

  • Organizing the room by grouping commonly used supplies or fast movers
  • Utilize plastic storage bins and dividers to maximize space
  • Utilize color coding with your storage bins.  Use a different color bin to separate by supply type, supply use, supplier, care type, shift, size, etc.
  • Appropriately label bins
  • Consider your space and how to best utilize.  Think about utilizing wall panels for hanging storage bins, shelving units with adjustable shelves, different sizes of totes and trays to accommodate varying products and whether or not you need cabinets.
  • Think about what items need to be under lock and key and use appropriate storage
  • Do you items that require refrigeration?  Make sure to use a good refrigerator and temperature monitoring device.
  • Find a good supplier to work with that offers choices and is willing to help you through the process.  EM Innovations can help you with your supply room organization needs.
  • Be flexible
  • Welcome the feedback and input of the crews that use the supplies daily.
  • Trial a small area or small quantity of supplies and review after a short period to see what changes are desired before making changes to the entire supply room.



 After implementing some or all of these tips you will be able to find the right supply at the right time and become efficient in daily operations.