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Invest in Health and Safety Program for Project Sites

Posted by Eminnovations on 8/28/2014
Aside from ensuring that workers and engineers are properly compensated, it is also critical that all employees should be covered for safety. 

The Inevitable Rise of iPad Use in the Healthcare Industry

Posted by Mary on 8/12/2014
Ever since the launch of the Apple iPad back in 2010, various industries have incorporated its use into their everyday tasks at work—one of these industries being the healthcare and medical industry. It’s really no surprise how well the iPad was welcomed by medical professionals, especially by physicians. And how could they not? Using an iPad offers them with an easier, faster, and more efficient way of improving medical care, filing work and documentation, as well as access to references and other helpful tools. And just to give an overview, here are some of the key aspects of how the iPad is changing and shaping the medical world.

Wellness Programs and Medical Supplies as Keys in Promoting Workplace Health

Posted by Em Innovations on 8/11/2014
Health should be on top of everyone’s concerns wherever they are, offices included. The average working person normally stays in the office for 6 to 8 hours, and it’s critical that general health and wellness be maintained in shared office space and working areas.