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Adhesive Mats Protect More

Posted by Robyn on 6/18/2014
There are many environments, which require an area to be free from bacterial and particulate contaminants. This can be an especially difficult assignment for anyone, because people pick up debris on their shoes as they walk, yet certain places must be kept free of these particulates and bacteria. The solution involves a product called clean room sticky or adhesive mats.

TamperBlock Bags for creating Naloxone Kits

Posted by Spencer Fullerton on 6/16/2014
TamperBlock Bags for creating Naloxone Kits
With the increase of Naloxone being placed in the hands of first responders for administration to overdose victims, there has been a surge of creating opiod overdose kits. 

Medical Alert Devices- A Great Way to Avoid Preventable Medical Errors

Posted by Priyanka on 6/5/2014
The term "medical alert devices" today encompasses a huge range of products ranging from simple alert bracelets to wireless monitoring systems and much more. Certain products are quite simple. An alert bracelet will simply state an allergy or medical condition. On the other hand there are highly advanced devices such as bracelets with a USB incorporated in it to store the medical history of an individual.

Importance of Using Temperature Loggers for Medicinal Purposes

Posted by Mary on 6/4/2014
One important aspect of maintaining the effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs and other medicinal substances is by having proper storage at the right temperatures.