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Simple, Compact and Effective Emergency Suction

Posted by Spencer Fullerton on 2/24/2016
Simple, Compact and Effective Emergency Suction
There are a number of airway suction devices available today with various features and some with distinct benefits. Sometimes the simple is overlooked.

Safe Medication Preparation

Posted by Spencer Fullerton on 2/22/2016
Safe Medication Preparation
The inside of a hospital pharmacy is a much busier place than one can imagine. You have the receiving of medications and supplies, labeling, the stocking of shelves , extemporaneous medication packaging, sterile compounding of medications, STAT med orders, patient specific needs, security of controlled substances, replenishment schedules and much more. All of these responsibilities involve personnel and introduce areas of interruption and potential for medication errors.

Patient Safety with IV Line and Cable Management

Posted by Spencer on 5/29/2015

Are you tired of fighting a mess of IV lines and cables at the patient’s bedside?

IV lines can be both a frustrating and dangerous issue when they become tangled and mixed together. Not only do you waste time tracing where the line is going you run the risk of a misconnection, working with the wrong line, pinching the line, and worse of all a patient safety concern. Lines are dragging the floor or other surfaces and the risk of contamination that leads to infections greatly increases. 

Organization for Disinfectant Wipe Canisters

Posted by EM Innovaations on 2/11/2015
Have you been to your local urgent care or hospital to see disinfectant wipe canisters piled on countertops, sitting on floors, on top of towel dispensers and anywhere else one can fit?  The one complaint heard is that the disinfectant wipes aren't any place to be found when needed. There is a creative answer!

Protocol for Medical Disposal

Posted by Em Innovations on 12/16/2014
Medicines play an important role in treating certain conditions and diseases, but they must be taken with care. Unused portions of these medicines must be disposed of properly to avoid harm.

The Importance of Infection Control

Posted by EM Innovations on 12/8/2014
It doesn't matter what position you hold in the healthcare industry, it is impossible to overstate the importance of controlling the spread of infection. Viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms that cause disease can easily be spread through airborne transmission, physical or tactile contact or a range of other methods. These infections can affect not only the patients, but the healthcare professionals and visitors as well.

The Importance of Proper Drug Disposal

Posted by EM Innovations on 11/25/2014
A study by the U.S. Geological Survey in 1999-2000 concluded that streams were highly contaminated by pharmaceuticals as a result of improper drug disposal by households. The latter typically dispose of drugs that have long sat in the shelf by flushing them down the drain. While this practice keeps long-expired drugs out of children’s reach, it channels potentially harmful pharmaceuticals instead to municipal water tables.

4 Crucial Procedures on How to Break the Chain of Infection

Posted by EM Innovations on 11/6/2014
The current epidemic in West Africa highlights the need for infection control on both global and local levels. While the kind of pathogens your medical staff is facing on a day to day basis may not be as virulent as that of Ebola, it is still crucial to implement stringent infection control measures to stop the spread of both less and highly contagious diseases. This should be practiced on top of basic infection control practices such as washing hands, covering mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, and disposing of medical waste using biohazard containment materials.

Battling the Deadly Threat of Sitting

Posted by em innovations on 10/12/2014
Sitting is the new smoking. Sitting can destroy your health, give you cancer, and kill you prematurely. You can stop sitting so much by using standing desks and treadmill desks. Use the em innovation tablet mounts and stands to turn your treadmill into a walking desk.

Why You Need to Have an Opioid Overdose Kit Ready

Posted by EM Innovations on 10/3/2014

Whether you're a public health facility, an anti-drug abuse unit, a paramedic division, an ordinary clinic or hospital, or a drug overdose team within a medical service, it's certainly a MUST to have an Opioid Overdose Kit ready at all times. After all, these days, there are plenty of reported emergencies that deal with this matter.

Furthermore, opioid drugs are dangerous if not taken in a controlled environment and with proper prescription from a qualified doctor. An overdose of these drugs can be fatal.

Top 5 Ways To Prevent Infection

Posted by Em Innovations on 9/16/2014
Infection is a constant worry, especially if you are working in a medical care facility. Working with sick people is very dangerous. If they are suffering from a contagious condition then you are putting yourself and the rest of the facility at risk provided you do not take the proper precautions. The CDC estimates that almost two million people get hospital infections every year and ninety thousand of those people die of the same infections. It may sound like a freighting statistic and it is but there are steps that you can take to ensure your facility remains safe. Here is a list of the top 5 things you can do to limit the risk of infection.

Invest in Health and Safety Program for Project Sites

Posted by Eminnovations on 8/28/2014
Aside from ensuring that workers and engineers are properly compensated, it is also critical that all employees should be covered for safety. 

The Inevitable Rise of iPad Use in the Healthcare Industry

Posted by Mary on 8/12/2014
Ever since the launch of the Apple iPad back in 2010, various industries have incorporated its use into their everyday tasks at work—one of these industries being the healthcare and medical industry. It’s really no surprise how well the iPad was welcomed by medical professionals, especially by physicians. And how could they not? Using an iPad offers them with an easier, faster, and more efficient way of improving medical care, filing work and documentation, as well as access to references and other helpful tools. And just to give an overview, here are some of the key aspects of how the iPad is changing and shaping the medical world.

Wellness Programs and Medical Supplies as Keys in Promoting Workplace Health

Posted by Em Innovations on 8/11/2014
Health should be on top of everyone’s concerns wherever they are, offices included. The average working person normally stays in the office for 6 to 8 hours, and it’s critical that general health and wellness be maintained in shared office space and working areas.

The Why and How of Hand Sanitizer Stations in Schools

Posted by em innovations on 7/23/2014
With the increasing awareness about health these days, it's no wonder hand sanitizer stations seem to be everywhere. These days, they are not just restricted to hospitals and other medical facilities. You can find them in malls and schools too.

The Superior Comfort Stretcher Pillow: 3 Ways It Helps Patients

Posted by Eminnovations on 7/8/2014
Pillows are hardly given much attention when it comes to emergency cases and medical conditions.

Adhesive Mats Protect More

Posted by Robyn on 6/18/2014
There are many environments, which require an area to be free from bacterial and particulate contaminants. This can be an especially difficult assignment for anyone, because people pick up debris on their shoes as they walk, yet certain places must be kept free of these particulates and bacteria. The solution involves a product called clean room sticky or adhesive mats.

TamperBlock Bags for creating Naloxone Kits

Posted by Spencer Fullerton on 6/16/2014
TamperBlock Bags for creating Naloxone Kits
With the increase of Naloxone being placed in the hands of first responders for administration to overdose victims, there has been a surge of creating opiod overdose kits. 

Medical Alert Devices- A Great Way to Avoid Preventable Medical Errors

Posted by Priyanka on 6/5/2014
The term "medical alert devices" today encompasses a huge range of products ranging from simple alert bracelets to wireless monitoring systems and much more. Certain products are quite simple. An alert bracelet will simply state an allergy or medical condition. On the other hand there are highly advanced devices such as bracelets with a USB incorporated in it to store the medical history of an individual.

Importance of Using Temperature Loggers for Medicinal Purposes

Posted by Mary on 6/4/2014
One important aspect of maintaining the effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs and other medicinal substances is by having proper storage at the right temperatures.

General Tips on Infection Control for Cleaning Staff

Posted by Mary on 5/22/2014
The rules and guidelines of sanitation and maintenance of hospitals and other health care facilities greatly differ from regular offices and establishments. There is absolutely no room for taking risks when it comes to maintaining cleanliness within a health facility; and it is of crucial importance that all rooms and areas are free from garbage, filth, and other potentially infectious substances and materials.

EMS Supply Room Organization

Posted by Administrator on 5/8/2013

Everyone has heard the question: Where are the ____________?  After minutes of searching you either give up or borrow from another area.  This obviously is not best practice and leads to frustration, inefficiency, errors and costs money. 

Medication Safety in Prehospital Settings – Safe Storage and Identification of Medications

Posted by Spencer Fullerton on 5/22/2012

Medication errors tend to be associated with hospitals but they can happen anywhere and especially in a fast paced prehospital environment.  Many remember learning about medication safety in school but what about the 5R’s: Right patient, Right drug, Right dose, Right route and Right time? Many EMS agencies have added the sixth right being Right documentation. In the hospital setting medication errors occur during the prescribing, dispensing and administration of medications. Physicians, pharmacists and nurses are involved. In the prehospital setting, EMTs and paramedics perform the duties of these individuals.

IV Starter Supplies In One Spot

Posted by Administrator on 4/9/2012
How many times have you rummaged through a series of boxes, bins, or cabinets trying to find your supplies for starting an IV? Did you become aggravated because items weren't where they were supposed to be or aggravated by the fact that you just wasted precious time searching?

Security and Documentation for Medications and Supplies

Posted by Administrator on 2/6/2012
Do you have a handle on securing your medications and knowing if your kits have been opened or if somone has been tampering? Do you have a method of easily identifying which kits need inventory replenishment? Do you have good sign in and sign out logs?