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Why You Need to Have an Opioid Overdose Kit Ready

Posted by EM Innovations on 10/3/2014

Whether you're a public health facility, an anti-drug abuse unit, a paramedic division, an ordinary clinic or hospital, or a drug overdose team within a medical service, it's certainly a MUST to have an opioid overdose kit ready at all times. After all, these days, there are plenty of reported emergencies that deal with this matter.

Furthermore, opioid drugs are dangerous if not taken in a controlled environment and with proper prescription from a qualified doctor. An overdose of these drugs can be fatal.

What are Opioids?

These opioid drugs refer to medication used to relieve pain or numb the body. However, they are only utilized in carefully monitored amounts and frequencies, such as before and after surgical procedures and when prescribed for those with injury-related pains. They target the area of the brain that regulates emotion, thus able to significantly reduce the pain associated with or caused by a particular stimulus.

You've probably heard of these opioids before. Morphine, codeine, oxycodone, and hydrocodone are some of the more common examples of opioids.

Why is Opioid Use Abused?

Because opioids can numb pain, bring about a feeling of "high", and enhance the sensation of pleasure in humans, they are often abused by some individuals. Frequent use and high levels of these drugs in the human body can cause dependence and addiction.

In some instances, there are also victims of unintended overdose of these drugs. Perhaps they accidentally made a mistake in reading the prescription and thus ended up taking more than what's necessary. Maybe the wrong medication was ingested. Or it could also be that there were other people trying to harm them on purpose.

What Should Be in Your Kit?

It's essential to have your Opioid Overdose Kit ready in order to immediately attend to these victims of opioid overdose.

First of all, you ought to have a well-sealed and durable container such as our very own Opioid Overdose Kit bag made of laminated nylon. It's got a clear and big label in front for quick access during emergency situations. You can insert a security tag or seal into it too so as to avoid or detect tampering.

Second, you must of course fill this bag with the right contents. The basics you must prepare include two vials of naloxone (used for countering opioid effects), two retractable syringes, two amp snappers, a rescue breathing barrier, and non-latex gloves.

How Can This Kit Benefit You and Patients?

Naloxone has long been recognized as an efficient counter-medication for opioids. When a patient's respiratory facility and central nervous system are not working properly because of too much depression, he or she can die. It's naloxone that can thwart such and help a person survive.

Having this kit is beneficial because it can save lives in emergency overdose situations. Your medical team will greatly be valued for having this kind of gear and supplies ready. This will make people trust you more and also boost your credence, authority, and efficiency.