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Wellness Programs and Medical Supplies as Keys in Promoting Workplace Health

Posted by Em Innovations on 8/11/2014

Health should be on top of everyone’s concerns wherever they are, offices included. The average working person normally stays in the office for 6 to 8 hours, and it’s critical that general health and wellness be maintained in shared office space and working areas. This can be done by coming up with a responsive health and wellness program that can respond to employee requirements and attend to health emergencies inside office environments.

Making sense of the ‘Workplace Wellness Program’

This is a comprehensive program for all employees with an aim to promote a healthy working environment and at the same time promote long-term individual health plans. Having a workplace wellness program doesn't necessarily mean that the management should come with its own clinic that comes complete with all the necessary medications, health professionals and health facilities. An effective and responsive workplace wellness program can go down to general approaches on how to promote health and general well being including the implementation of health coaching and education, annual medical screenings, fitness programs, ‘healthy meals in cafeteria and even the addition of in-office medical equipments and infection control equipment and tools that can help limit the incidence of diseases and infections that may compromise their health and productivity.

Suggested medical products to maintain general health

There’s no need to invest in expensive medical solutions just to promote employee health and well-being. There are basic (and cheap) investments that can work in some office settings, including the installation of hand sanitizer stations, sticky mats and disinfectants.

Hand sanitizers can work well in a work environment where there’s a risk for infections like cafeteria and restaurant. Hand sanitizers now come in different designs and can be installed in strategic places in and around the offices. A variant of this medical product is the disinfectant and cleaner wipes recommended in medical settings and can work in offices too. As a water-based cleansing product, this can work on a number of cleaning surfaces including vinyl and faux materials.

Sticky floor mats are great additions inside workplaces too, and these can be placed on doors to take out the dirt that usually comes in workers’ or guests’ shoes. Sticky floor mats come in different designs, from sticky mats to keep offices free from dirt, dust and debris to medical mats with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

A responsive workplace wellness program doesn't have to be expensive and highly elaborate. It can be implemented through a series of small steps like the addition of simple medical products like hand sanitizers, sticky mats and disinfectants. These ‘simple medical products’ can go a long way in promoting health and wellness in offices and work environments.