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The Why and How of Hand Sanitizer Stations in Schools

Posted by em innovations on 7/23/2014
With the increasing awareness about health these days, it's no wonder hand sanitizer stations seem to be everywhere. These days, they are not just restricted to hospitals and other medical facilities. You can find them in malls and schools too.

The Why: Reasons Behind the Need 
Children spend most of their time in school where health and hygiene are taught and modeled. Hence, it's certainly helpful for educational institutions to provide these hand sanitizer stations readily for all students and even for teachers, staff members, parents, and other guests.
It's a great way of spreading the word about the importance of staying clean and healthy all the time. It also serves as a constant reminder regarding sanitation in different places, not to mention actually encouraging students to keep their hands clean at all times in order to promote infection control.

The How: Details Involving the Setup 
It's not only a matter of understanding the importance of these hand sanitizer stations. You should also know how to go about setting them up in schools.
For instance, it's irrelevant to place them inside bathrooms, especially near the sinks and soap dispensers. It would be better and more sensible to position these stations by entrances or where people are likely to need them--- such as in gyms.
Aside from the positioning, another crucial matter is the sanitizer itself. Some people have been going against these alcohol-based gels because they might pose danger in school, especially if students play around with them. But this doesn't have to mean that you ought to drop the idea completely. Maybe it only means that you should be careful in choosing the sanitizer. Make sure to check out the components and go for safer versions.
Of course you'll also have to take into account the actual stations themselves. It's of essence to select those that are space-saving and can be conveniently installed. What's more, the design has to be suitable for the setting. Take a look at our choices for hand sanitizer stations and see which one is most fitting for your purposes.
Hand sanitizers are all around us for a good reason. We should take advantage of this wonderful invention and make sure they are available where they are needed.