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The Superior Comfort Stretcher Pillow: 3 Ways It Helps Patients

Posted by Eminnovations on 7/8/2014

Pillows are hardly given much attention when it comes to emergency cases and medical conditions. Nevertheless, you'd be surprised just how helpful these can be in easing a patient's condition and contributing to faster recovery.

Imagine this: A person who has suffered a physical injury will want to be made comfortable as much as possible. It doesn't help the condition if his neck or head is strained while he is carried in an ambulance or while waiting to be brought to the operating room. It can also make things worse if the pillow keeps slipping out of place.

So how can this be resolved?

We've made it a point to make our stretcher pillow highly efficient in many ways. Below are the 3 ways in which this top quality pillow is able to help patients.

Added Comfort

This Superior Comfort Stretcher Pillow is made with a memory foam topper, designed to provide great comfort to any patient who is lying down on a stretcher or a medical bed.

When someone is in pain and feeling anxious and uneasy, it helps to make him as comfortable as possible. Recovery can be sped up.

Sufficient Support

Every patient who is in a lying position is in need of sufficient support on the head. With this pillow's adjustable straps, the likelihood of it being misplaced or slipping to the ground is eliminated. It can be positioned properly to provide the support needed. Even when the patient is moved or he himself moves, the pillow will stay in place.

Guaranteed Sanitation

In every aspect of health, sanitation plays a big role. In medical settings, cleanliness is of utmost importance in order to avoid infections and other complications.

When you have a pillow that can be held in place, you are assured that it won't keep falling and being picked up, thus gathering dust and dirt in the process.

These may seem trivial for some, but many medical practitioners will agree that the right kind of pillow is essential for patients in clinics, hospitals, and other types of medical facilities.