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The Inevitable Rise of iPad Use in the Healthcare Industry

Posted by Mary on 8/12/2014

Ever since the launch of the Apple iPad back in 2010, various industries have incorporated its use into their everyday tasks at work—one of these industries being the healthcare and medical industry.


It’s really no surprise how well the iPad was welcomed by medical professionals, especially by physicians. And how could they not? Using an iPad offers them with an easier, faster, and more efficient way of improving medical care, filing work and documentation, as well as access to references and other helpful tools. And just to give an overview, here are some of the key aspects of how the iPad is changing and shaping the medical world. 


The New Clipboard


Each and every patient requires several paperwork that all medical professionals working with them should have access to, especially the doctors. The iPad, with its technological capabilities and portable size, can easily serve as the modern version of a clipboard. There’s no need to look over several papers just to find important information about a certain case because real-time data is made available at just one touch or swipe on the screen.


Engaging Patients


Using the iPad also contributes immensely to engaging patients and getting them more involved and familiar with their own health problems. Using a more graphic (e.g. Being able to present X-rays that can be further studied and presented) and interactive method of making patients understand their condition bridges the doctor-patient gap, which promotes more trust and satisfaction.


Access to Medical Software


Various medical applications have been put into place to accompany the growing iPad usage in the healthcare industry. And because of this, the need for a keyboard, a mouse, and a separate screen, lessens further even more with the accessibility that an iPad offers. From journals to patient-friendly programs, as well as other helpful applications, the iPad provides an innovative way of utilizing such features for better medical care.


Em Innovations recognizes the continuous rise of iPad usage in the medical industry and knows how to make its use a little more convenient for professionals. Tablet mounts and stands are now available at Em Innovations to provide an easier way to utilize its use in the field of healthcare.