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The Importance of Infection Control

Posted by EM Innovations on 12/8/2014
It doesn't matter what position you hold in the healthcare industry, it is impossible to overstate the importance of controlling the spread of infection. Viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms that cause disease can easily be spread through airborne transmission, physical or tactile contact or a range of other methods. These infections can affect not only the patients, but the healthcare professionals and visitors as well.

In many cases, the spread of infection can be controlled by simply using a little discipline in the way you perform individual tasks. A few precautions to consider in order to improve infection control are:

Wash and sanitize your hands regularly. Maintaining a high level of hand hygiene is critical to any infection control strategy. Use antiseptic soap and hand sanitizers to regularly clean your hands.

Use the proper protective equipment. Surgical masks, gloves, aprons, protective eye-wear and other equipment are specifically designed to help prevent the spread of infection. Use them properly, and use them all the time.

Maintain a clean and sanitary workplace. Use disinfectant wipes to clean surfaces regularly and ensure proper filters on all ventilation systems. If you don't give bacteria a place to wait for a ride, it won't leave the area.

Handle waste and other perishable materials properly. Make sure that medical waste is disposed in the prescribed manner, and take steps to ensure that waste receptacles are kept sanitized.

Proper infection control education for all employees. Establish training for all employees so they understand, appreciate and can comply with all infection control procedures, and conduct follow-up training to keep all of your infection control practices up to date.