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Simple, Compact and Effective Emergency Suction

Posted by Spencer Fullerton on 2/24/2016
Simple, Compact and Effective Emergency Suction
There are a number of airway suction devices available today with various features and some with distinct benefits.  Sometimes the simple is overlooked.

The simple I'm referring to is in manual emergency suction units.  The majority of suction units in the manual class have stylish designs with great function but require inventory of components, cleaning and less than convenient storage options.  When it comes to tactical, wilderness or special duty applications space is a premium and to have a suction device with you it better be easy to store.

This is where the Suction Easy Emergency Suction System is very effective.  The unit is very rugged and compact and can be stuffed into a bag, backpack pocket, vest, first in bag, and more.  With suction being a valuable piece in emergency treatment you can't afford to leave it behind because it won't fit with your supplies.  Not only is Suction Easy compact, it's durability can withstand a variety of conditions and there is no concern about breakage or not working when needed.  Don't forget the infection control benefits!  Use and dispose. No cleaning or inventorying extra components.

So when it comes to emergency manual suction, the choice is clear. The simple should not be overlooked.