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Security and Documentation for Medications and Supplies

Posted by Administrator on 2/6/2012
Do you have a handle on securing your medications and knowing if your kits have been opened or if somone has been tampering? Do you have a method of easily identifying which kits need inventory replenishment? Do you have good sign in and sign out logs?
Security seals, also known as tamper tags or locks, are great tools that simplify answering these questions. Seals allow items to be secure and for you to easily document items with sequential numbers to enhance security. A variety of seal options are available including pull tight style and padlock style. Attaching one of these to zipper pulls, eyelets or clips on kits and bags provides a quick and simple method to secure contents. Once secure the number on the seal can be recorded on the sign out log to further control and help audit use. If the seal is broken you know the kit has been opened. Seals provide a visual indication to go through the kit and make sure medications have been accounted for and that no tampering or diversion has occured. Utilize different colors for different types of kits or try a green seal when a kit is ready for use and red seal when the kit has been opened or used. This method simplifies replenishment because every kit with a red seal rather than a green is a quick indicator that stock needs to be checked and replenished.
Take it a step further and use an expiration date numbered seal. Not only do you get the numbers for control but you have a place to write in an expiration date to quickly identify the first drug or supply to expire. Whatever type of seal you decide to use these breakable plastic tags will provide an inexpensive and easy means to help secure and document drug and supply use.