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Organization for Disinfectant Wipe Canisters

Posted by EM Innovaations on 2/11/2015
Have you been to your local urgent care or hospital to see disinfectant wipe canisters piled on countertops, sitting on floors, on top of towel dispensers and anywhere else one can fit?  The one complaint heard is that the disinfectant wipes aren't any place to be found when needed. There is a creative answer!

When disinfectant wipe canisters are piled on the counter or wherever is convenient you face disinfecting the wipes themselves or trekking down the hall to the supply room to get another canister because you cannot find where the wipes are. One of the complaints heard is that there is not enough counter space and wipes are never available when needed. Why not take care of this by mounting them on the wall, on the side of a cabinet or on a cart? Getting them off of the counter and the ground will keep your area uncluttered and your wipes available and clean.

Check out our disinfectant wipe canister bracket for a little help.

Wipe Canister Bracket