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Medical Alert Devices- A Great Way to Avoid Preventable Medical Errors

Posted by Priyanka on 6/5/2014

The term "medical alert devices" today encompasses a huge range of products ranging from simple alert bracelets to wireless monitoring systems and much more. Certain products are quite simple. An alert bracelet will simply state an allergy or medical condition. On the other hand there are highly advanced devices such as bracelets with a USB incorporated in it to store the medical history of an individual.

Medical bracelets are inexpensive, simple and effective

Medical pendants or bracelets are fairly simple and expensive. For someone who is allergic to specific medications or has certain conditions, it is absolutely vital. In many cases there may be no outward signs of certain medical conditions and are therefore easily overlooked by medical personnel. The right alert bracelet will provide EMTs the information they need so they can determine the right treatment in case of an emergency.

USB medical alert bracelets

One of the most recent devices to be introduced in the medical alert industry is USB medical alert bracelets. These are special USB drives on which a patient can put in their entire medical history. These USB bracelets can be easily plugged in and played. The bracelet itself is very lightweight and easy to wear on an everyday basis. In case of an emergency, EMTs can access important medical information to determine the best possible care.

Monitoring systems

For the elderly, an important medical alert device is a monitoring system with a panic button. This device allows the elderly to live independently for as long as possible. In case they fall down and are unable to get back up, the device will allow them to get help immediately. These devices are also great for sudden medical emergencies such as a heart attack or stroke.