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Invest in Health and Safety Program for Project Sites

Posted by Eminnovations on 8/28/2014

Aside from ensuring that workers and engineers are properly compensated, it is also critical that all employees should be covered for safety. Implementing safety in the workplace, particularly in the project sites is now required, and promoting it should go beyond regulatory requirements. Aside from basic compliance, implementing and maintaining safety can deliver a number of benefits.

One obvious benefit is employee protection- as a business owner; it’s the right thing to do. Employers have the obligation to ensure that the working environment is safe and will not put the employees in danger. Implementing safety in the workplace also brings financial benefits into the equation. Whether a project engineer admits it or not, a safe (or unsafe) project site can have an impact on the company’s bottom-line. If safety is not part of the company’s long term and strategic plans, then expect a lot of lost man hours due to accidents or even death. Injuries can put the workers out of work for a few days or even weeks, which can affect the company’s work time line.

Other direct costs associated with accidents in the workplace include comp claims, legal fees and insurance costs. Whether these directly or indirectly affect the company, these things should be properly managed by incorporating safety into the strategic plan.

Start with a health and safety program and team

A good start is to come up with a health and safety program and team that can help institutionalize health and safety practices in project sites. With a health and safety programs, every employee in the organization and the project site will become aware of their duties and responsibilities. It lists down the usual health and work hazards, required safety practices and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPEs) that should be worn at all times.

Organize a health and safety team complete with basic medical tools

A health and safety program isn't complete without a team that will oversee the implementation of the program and who will attend to workers who got involved in accidents. As part of regulatory requirements, it is expected that a construction medic or a health and safety team should provide first aid, CPR and safety training for workers. To make it happen, these teams should have access to medical products like bed and stretcher pillows, first aid kits, infection control products like disinfectants and vehicle and gear cleaners.

Take the first step towards safety in the workplace by setting up a health and safety program and a health and safety team. The benefits go beyond the financial- having a team with access to medical tools can help protect the company’s reputation and boost the well-being of the workers.