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IV Starter Supplies In One Spot

Posted by Administrator on 4/9/2012
How many times have you rummaged through a series of bags, boxes, bins, or cabinets trying to find your supplies for starting an IV? Did you become aggravated because items weren't where they were supposed to be or aggravated by the fact that you just wasted precious time searching?

I'd say you're not alone. Whether its an IV bag or a simple alcohol swab these items seem to become transparent when you really need them. Some of the most organized organizations still force you to pull from multiple areas when gathering IV starter supplies. One simple approach to save time and frustration is to group supplies into an IV starter kit. Keep all the necessary supplies and IV fluid together and easily accessible. The concept seems too simple! It might be worth trying and watching the results.

E M Innovations is here to help! Check out our pre-printed IV Starter Kit disposable plastic bag. This large bag accommodates various supplies and fluids for preparation and starting of an IV so you can take the frustration out of locating supplies.