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Battling the Deadly Threat of Sitting

Posted by em innovations on 10/12/2014

Have you heard that sitting is the new smoking? It turns out that a number of studies have found that regularly sitting too much can do more than hurt your back and pile the pounds on you; it can also lead to you getting a number of different cancers.

A recent study discussed on WebMD reviewed 43 studies to look for correlations between prolonged, regular sitting and close to 70,000 documented cases of cancers. The study found plenty of correlations between being sedentary on one’s rump too much and the increased chance of getting endometrial and colon cancers. However, the study failed to find a correlation between the same inactivity and cancers of the kidneys, breast, esophagus, stomach, prostate, and ovaries. Moreover, the study did not find a connection between sitting and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

That said, the correlations that were found were jaw dropping. For example, the folks who watched the most television had a 54 greater percent chance of being stricken with colon cancer than did those who watched the least amount of television. The study’s authors equated two hours of sitting with a 10 percent jump in the odds that one will get endometrial cancer and an eight percent increase in the risk of colon cancer. Also, a recent study done by the Harvard Medical School found that those who sat the most were most at risk of premature death whether it be due to cancer or some other malady.

Thankfully though, there is much that we can do fight the danger posed by too much sitting. In fact, the Harvard study recommends that people who work at desks start using standing desks or treadmill desks.

Now, although em innovations does not sell treadmill or standing desks, we do have a fine selection of tablet mounts and tablet stands, which can be used to turn many desks, tables, shelves, treadmills, and even exercise bicycles into work stations, which will in turn convert a sedentary individual into one who is fit, healthy, and happy.