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Adhesive Mats Protect More

Posted by Robyn on 6/18/2014
There are many environments, which require an area to be free from bacterial and particulate contaminants. This can be an especially difficult assignment for anyone, because people pick up debris on their shoes as they walk, yet certain places must be kept free of these particulates and bacteria. The solution involves a product called clean room sticky or adhesive mats.
What They Are
Clean room Sticky Mats are engineered with multiple layers of clean-film with adhesive. These mats effectively capture dust, dirt and other contaminants from foot-traffic and equipment wheels before they enter into controlled environments. Each layer of the mat peels off easily to reveal a new clean surface. Sticky mats significantly reduce traffic-borne contaminants, removing up to 95% of particles at the .30 micron range. When one layer is saturated with debris, simply peel it off and discard, leaving a fresh layer of protection. These mats serve to greatly reduce maintenance and cleaning costs by effectively decreasing the amount of contamination coming from dirt. An acrylic adhesive is used which does not support microbial growth.
Indications for Using Adhesive Mats
•   Electronics. The manufacturing of electronics requires a sterile environment. Employees who work in these rooms typically wear hazard suits over their clothing and shoes. However, these steps do not eliminate the dirt picked up on the feet of the sterile shoe coverings. Sticky mats easily solve this problem by removing the dirt and debris from the feet with the adhesive covering.
•   Laboratories. Laboratories require clean environments. It is vital to prevent contamination of samples that are to be tested. The equipment used must also be kept free of debris. While it may seem improbable that dirt brought in by foot traffic could cause problems, it can, because some dust particles are easily dispersed into the air by motion. Sticky mats help solve this problem by preventing the dirt, dust, and debris from getting into the lab and into the air.
•   In Surgery. A very obvious place that must be kept free of all debris and germs is in the operating room. Medical personnel always cover their shoes and clothing with surgical scrubs. The antimicrobial nature of sticky mats prevents germs from entering the surgical suite and exposing patients to the danger of contaminated tools and air.
In Private Homes. Clean sticky mats have many industrial uses,, and homeowners can benefit by their use for a family member who might be prone to allergies. The mat simply becomes the welcome mat. Specific care must be used to ensure that the floor will not be damaged by the adhesive.